Check out the new FootJoy Fall Golf Apparel Collection!

Golfers are becoming more fashionable.
It is a lifestyle sports so golf has a good balance of leisure, excersice and fashion.

FootJoy is one of the leaders of the Golf Shoes category.
They have recently expanded in to a full line of apparel.

It is now time to see the Fall Collection from FootJoy:

Sedona collection has a slate/orange/stone color combination:

Definitely would look great in hot weather territory.

Next collection is the Andirondack collection which consists of navy and creme color combination.
 This would look good in northern east coast weather.  Conservative and traditional.

Bar Harbor collection consists of grey and heather blue.
I can see some young business man wearing this collection.

My favorite pieces are: 

Which ones do you like?

See the assortment at www.fairwaygolfusa.com

It is going to be a great golf season!  Have a good time!


New Wedge concept: Renegar RX12 Wedges

This wedge demand is on the rise!
Check out the new Renegar Wedges!
Renegar RX12 Wedges

Mr. Renegar has been designing wedges for years.

The unique feature about this wedge is:
  • Sold design:
    • the indentation on the sole allows the wedge to setup square.  It literally sits flat and sharp looking at address
    • It reduces effective bounce at square setup yet when you open the wedge, the sole design adds bounce so that it prevents the club from digging in to the turf/ground.
    • So it is a wedge that you can use for both tight lies and fluffy condition.
  • Shaft
    • Aldila Renegar DTS wedge graphite shaft is the only option
    • 105 gram
    • Kick point optimized for wedge performance
    • Higher kickpoint than standard steel
    • keeps ball low yet producing enough spin
Available lofts: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 deg

Don't be scared of graphite shaft!  Graphite shaft has more character!

The fact is, we are getting more and more orders each day! 

Now available at Fairway Golf USA (www.fairwaygolfusa.com)

This one is for you!



Renegar Golf – Proven sold design and concept wedge

Renegar Golf – A New Idea in Wedge Design!

A better short game is the key to playing better golf! That’s no secret. Although there are a lot of golf club manufacturers telling you that you need their latest driver to play better golf. It’s simple math people, you hit 14 drives per a round but you probably use your wedges twice as many times. So your wedges should be a very important part of your bag!

That’s where Renegar Golf comes in! The RX12 Wedge is meticulously engineered and precision manufactured to work for every golfer at every skill level in every playing situation. The RX12 Wedge features more bounce with a lower leading edge. This makes getting the under the ball easier while keeping the wedge from digging too much. Doesn’t that sound like the best wedge available? Well Renegar Golf didn’t stop there, they paired this beautifully designed head with an Aldila DTS Tour Control shaft. This shaft gives you better playability and feel than a steel shaft. The RX12 Wedge has been tested by tour professionals, good amateur players and weekend warriors. Everyone loved the ease of use and feel of this great wedge. So if you are looking to really improve your scores, you should be looking at the Renegar Golf RX12 Wedges!


Adams Launch Lab Driver in stock!

Just received our 2nd batch of Adams Launch Lab driver.

Adams Launch Lab drivers
Head is professionally painted with patterns that you do not see anywhere else.

It is a mix of A4 driver technology and the speedline.

Low spin, low trajectory.

Our selection already has Fubuki premium shaft installed.

Quantity is  very limted.

So get yours today!

Fairway Golf USA