Epon & Miura SPECIAL! Free upgrades on SHAFTS & GRIP on custom orders! Aerotech Steelfibers and IOmics?

We have a GREAT good deal going on right now.

Since we specialize in building custom JDM (Japanese GolfClubs) we decided to start a very limited time special offer:

FREE UPGRADES* on shaft and grips on EPON and MIURA custom orders.

Yes, that includes free upgrades on Aerotech Steelfiber shafts and free upgrades on IOmic grips.

Build your dream JDM golf set with us with your favorite shaft and grip and save big.

We have the best builders and experience.

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Click on the get a quote button on the far right upper corner to get a quote and timeframe of the build.

Yes, You can order your NEW Scotty Cameron Putter with different LIE and LOFT from our WEBSITE! Link Inside.

Yes, You can order your NEW Scotty Cameron Putter with different LIE and LOFT from our WEBSITE!


Most people think they have to send their putter into the Scotty Custom Shop to get anything adjusted.

Did you know that you can order it with different specs ( lie loft length ) straight from our website?

No need to buy it new somewhere else then send it in to ScottyCustom Shop, just get it customized from the get-go from our link below.



Callaway Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha drivers..........enjoy images until pre-order begins

Everyone seems to be talking about it.
The new Callaway Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha drivers
Amazing how far Callaway have come from the Carbon technology they used in the C4 driver....
Keep improving Callaway!
Don't expect the weight rails to cure your slice!  It will reduce it!
Hyperbolic face, Callaway profile
Dual COG for no more excuses
This one is for the Alpha driver.  Yes both takes the same adapters
Alpha has the carbon crown too.
If we didn't tell you, you would not notice from sound and feel.
Little beefier on the Alpha
Yes Big Bertha is back
Don't forget to sign up for our updates!
Just send "Big Bertha" on the subject and send our club fitters an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com


Callaway Apex irons are in the shop! What golfers are ordering CUSTOMIZED at fairwaygolfusa.com

Still wondering what irons you want to play?
I personally recommend the Callaway APEX irons which hit the store floors today!
Look!  It's simple, soft curves around the edges
(makes the club look smaller than it actually is)
Tungsten inserts in the longer irons to promote higher ball flight
(if you are getting roll with mid to long irons, you are not getting enough trajectory!  Tungsten weighting will help)
Mid size head with a Hot face
(Ball will jump off the face.  You can feel it!)
Profile that gives you confidence!
(don't be too hard on yourself, get clubs that give you confidence!)
Now all you have to do is get customized!
Want to know what our customers have ordered during the prebooking period:
Dynamic Gold  *most popular
Project X PXi
XP 95 steel
GS95 steel
KBS C-Taper  *2nd most popular
Kuro Kage 70
See all the customizing options at fairwaygolfusa.com APEX iron custom page:
If  you need recommendations, talk to one of our club fitters at cs@fairwaygolfusa.com
If you shoot between 70 and 90 and looking for a simple iron that you can use for a long time and not get board with it, choose the Callaway APEX irons!
Those who wanted the Japanese Legacy irons, this is a less expensive comparable product available!
The US Tour players are choosing APEX irons!


New Callaway APEX irons - XP95 or Recoil 680? by the numbers

New Callaway is going to hit the retail floor tomorrow at your favorite golf shop and at Fairway Golf Shop.
We did receive our irons for stock and ready to go!
I pulled out #6 irons with XP95 and Recoil 600 Series Stiff flex to do some number comparison.
XP95 is a new shaft from True Temper designed with optimized step patterns and weighting to give you a high trajectory and explosive distance.
This it the number that I got on the Callaway Apex iron XP95 steel shaft with stiff flex:
CPM:  303
Swingweight:  D-2
Total Weight:  415grams
The UST Recoil shaft is a shaft designed to take full advantage of the ovalization of the shaft during loading of the shaft.  It uses the ovalization and un-ovalization of the shaft during the swing to transfer that energy to the golf ball for more distance.

This is the numbers that I got on the Callaway APEX iron with Recoil 600 series graphite shaft with stiff flex shaft:
CPM: 306
Swingweight:  D-1
Total Weight:  385grams
I had a chance to test these out couple of months ago at the Callaway Performance Center at Callaway headquarters.
My choice is the Recoil Stiff flex.
(I currently use the 105 gram Mizuno Tour Exsar Graphite shaft)
Even though the Recoil shaft is 30 grams lighter (in the stiff flex), I did not feel the club was too light!
I could not tell whether it was the 455 carpenter steel shaft that produced the initial ball speed or the Recoil ovalization effect but I did get great yardage.
With many clubs featuring the hot steel face on their irons, this year is going to be a year when golfers increase distance on the irons!
You might see pros hitting 200 yards with a #7 iron (which some already do)
Apex irons are also available with your favorite shafts and grips.
Customized lie angle, hard or soft stepping is not problem.
If you have any questions on customizing  your Apex irons, feel free to send our club fitters and email!
fairwaygolfusa.com custom fitting email:  cs@fairwaygolfusa.com
Have fun!


What about balls? My personal golf ball recommendation (Part 1)

Last minute gift? Golfer but don't know what to get for the Holidays?

Buy some golf balls.

Golfers always need golf balls.  (they lose them)

But first you need to categorize your golfer:

  • Good golfer
  • Casual golfer
  • Lady golfer
  • Junior golfer
For the Good Golfer:
  • Good golfers usually have their favorites.  But they don't mind getting premium golf balls.  By getting premium golf balls, they understand that you respect their skills and dedication.
  • Premium golf balls are usually multi layer construction for various type of shots cased in with an urethane cover for "feel and spin".
  • My recommendations:
King of golf balls
Every one in the industry will agree that it has the #1 market share in golf
There are 2 types: Pro V1 and Pro V1X
At least for the cold weather months, Pro V1 would be a safer choice because it gives you softer feel (easier on your hands) and more spin (any spin would help on those frozen greens)
Super Holiday Special offer for $41.99 until 12/31/2013
My other recommendations will be:
These Golf Balls really perform for all types of players!
Even better players will benefit.
If the golfer really like "softer feel" try the B330-S
The New Spinskin covers is really nice!
Right now there is a promo: buy 2 dozen and receive a pair of 2under boxers!
For the casual golfer:
  • Golf should be fun
  • Needs a ball that has good distance with less spin (especially side spins)
  • You can still work your spin around the greens and have fun for a good solid round
  • My recommendations:


Solid performance off the tee.
Ball characteristics are right between distance and performance.
If you are complaining that you need a softer feel, go with premium golf balls.
If you are complaining because the ball is going to straight and not flying with you intended baby draw, go with a premium ball.
This is the best ball for the value in my opinion.
We sell the NXT ball a lot during the holidays.
Durable solid performing golf ball.
It is a Titleist.

    - end of Part 1 -
    (part 2 will be about ladies and junior and illegal golf balls)
    In any case, buying golf balls as a gift is a great idea.
    check out our golf ball page for all the selection:
    Free personalization available too!
    for more information, please send inquiries to:


Callaway Legacy Black Driver - Japanese model

Callaway Japan promotes the Legacy brand in Japan.

It is a special model targeted towards Japanese market and Japanese golfers.

How to hit a draw driver with the New Callaway Legacy Platinum Driver
The Platinum model incorporates the sole design of the Great Big Bertha.
It is a draw biased driver finished with Rainbow PVD finish.
Comment by the developer of the Callaway Premium driver

The developer regarding the concept behind the Legacy Black Driver:
Forward weight technology?  Pretty similar to SLDR concept......
But wait again!
Amazing driver coming from Callaway......  in the US


Callaway New Apex Forged irons - custom choices and JD predictions

I am sure that many have heard that the new Callaway Apex irons are coming.
There seems to be a lot of questions regarding how it compares against the current 2013 X Forged irons that has been on the market for a while.
Frist of all, the Apex Irons are a completely different category of irons compared to the X Forged.  It does not replace the X Forged irons.
Yes, it is a forged iron but made of multi material construction.
1020 carbon steel body
455 carpenter steel  (Hot face)
Polymer insert
It combines feel, distance and forgiveness.
You asked for it, and here it is!
The irons in 2014 is about distance.  That is one of the reason that many like the new Japanese equipment like EPON and Yonex.
It is the HOOOOOT face that launches the ball far.  Very far.
Some may argue that irons are not about hitting it long.
But once you hit the #7 iron to where you normally hit the #6 iron, you can never go back.
The Apex irons are very forgiving.
The Hot Face launches the ball far.
The forged materials gives you that precise feedback for your solid shots and your not so solid shots.
There are many custom options as always and at fairwaygolfusa.com, we recommend getting customized to fit your swing.
Custom Lie Angle
Custom Loft Settings
is key to hitting the shot that you imagine.
Custom shaft options are:
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold XP 95
  • UST Recoil 660
  • KBS C-Taper
  • KBS Tour
  • NS Pro Modus 130 Tour
  • NS Pro 990
  • NS Pro 1100
  • Project X 95 Flighted
  • Project X PXi
  • Projext X
  • Dynamic Gold SL
  • Dynamic Gold
  • Dynamic Gold XP
  • Mitsubishi Kurokage 70 graphite
I have seen it, I have hit it, I like it
My predictions for popular specifications is as follows:
set make-up: 5-9P (6 pc set)
  • Since because of the hot face, many would want to know how far the #5 iron will fly before they make their decision on the #4 iron.
  • yes #4 iron is available individually just in case you want to add to the set
Shaft:  UST Recoil 660 for graphite and NS Pro 990
  • For this type of club, many will be looking for a easy to swing set up
  • Shaft selection on this irons will be generally on the lighter side
  • UST Recoil 660 feels solid (this would be my choice)
  • Nippon shaft steel quality is the best and the NS Pro 990 which is a proprietary shaft for Callaway comes in Uniflex (Almost a stiff) is best for the average golfers
  • For the hard hitters out their, NS Pro Modus 130 Tour would give you good control with less dispersion
Grips:  not on the option but we do get many requests for Iomic grips (which fairwaygolfusa.com can offer for an additional charge)
Your 2014 golf game starts now!


Yonex Ezone XP is here to put a curse on you!

Growing demand for Yonex Products
This is what we are seeing in our customer requests that we get every day at fairwaygolfusa.com
Yonex is coming out with the Ezone XP line of golf equipment.
Just in time for the holidays.
Below is the Japanese special Yonex Ezone XP page:
The slogan in Japan is:
"The Red Devil will put a curse of distance on you!"
Cool graphics on the website.  I like it!
Heavy head but not heavy.
8 grams of tungsten in head counter balanced with 20 grams of tungsten in the butt end of the grip cancels out the heavy feeling of more head weight.
Why make the head heavy?
Heavy head = faster initial ball speed
Adjustable hosel with 8 different loft settings where you can change the loft +/- 1.5degrees
so no excuses.
Yonex Ezone XP line of products are available in drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.
Irons go a long ways too!
If you have any questions, just shoot us an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com


TaylorMade Golf Introduces JetSpeed

I would say the Fujikura Speeder Shaft would be a great fit.

Get your Taylor Made JetSpeed at fairwaygolfusa.com

Taylor Made JetSpeed page


2014 Japanese Golf Clubs - Bridgestone X-Blade, Mizuno MP Craft 513, Callaway Legacy Black Driver

Winter is the time when new Japanese Golf Equipment is announced.
Japan gets pretty cold in the winter time.
Right now in November on average, temperature is in the high 50s and as goes down to the 30s in the coldest days.
Japanese golfers seem to be excited about few of the models coming out this winter:
1. Bridgestone Tour Stage X-Blade Limited Irons
The Tour Stage X-Blade Limited is a combo set based on the following 3 models:
  • #3,4,5 iron on the 709CB iron
  • #6,7,8 on the 709MC iron
  • #9,P based on the 909 iron
4500 sets limited
with a Modus3 shaft, 7 piece set will cost about $1300
2. Mizuno MP Craft 513 Driver
Much like the MP series of irons, the driver is made to shape shots.
Trajectory is like an extension of irons
There is 2 models:  Power version and Normal version
Driver price is just under $800
3. Callaway Legacy Black Driver
Low spin, penetrating trajectory
There is a 460cc and 440cc
460cc is high trajectory draw biased for medium club head speed
440cc is penetrating trajectory for faster club head speed
Adjustable loft: -1 deg to +2deg
Adjustable face: Neutral or Draw
Adjustable sole weight:  2g, 7g, 12g
About $950 with stock shaft
$1100 with Tour AD GT or Motore Speeder 661
Wow, Japanese clubs are up there.
but you can count on quality and precision


PING WRX custom S55 irons with back grind and no paint fill!

Just received a set of S55 irons with Back Grind with no paint fill
Simple is best
The trailing edge has been ground down to narrow sole width.
Great for players with shallow swing angles
Of course you can request paint fills too!
many colors to choose from
S55 has been very popular on the PGA Tour players.
Many PING players has made the switch including Bubba Watson and Hunter Mahan
How would your PING irons look!
PING irons have many custom options.
Back grind is not he only grinding option.
You can etch your name on the hosel
get custom lie angle
custom paint fill
soft step, hard step
and much more!
For PING WRX customization, email us at cs@fairwaygolfusa.com
and our club experts will help you customize your PING irons!

Mizuno Genem Golf Shoes in Japan

Mizuno Japan has a new golf shoes called GENEM

It is about fit.

Introductory Video:

At the 2013 Japan PGA show, Mizuno measured foot size and shoe size of 626 golfers

57% had the wrong sizing

The sizes that those Japanese golfers needed were equally divided in to EE, EEE, EEEE width.
(Japanese people have wide feet in general)

Came up with the shoes that fits the players based on the last needed.

Relaxed in the front
Snug in the back
Rounded insole
Stabilizer in the front and back
New spike system for ultimate grip

Made for Japan

I would love to see Mizuno golf shoes in the US again.

Good golf shoes starts with the right last (shape of sole) for your feet.



What are XXIO8 Japanese golf clubs? One of the best selling golf clubs in Japan

Touched a little on the new XXIO8 series of golf clubs introduced in Japan in previous blog.
But here is a little more information regarding the new XXIO8 golf clubs:
The concept of the new XXIO8 golf clubs was based on the maximizing Swing MOI.
Made the grip 10 gram lighter
Shaft 1 gram lighter
Increased head weight by 1 gram
Easier to swing, More distance
Light overall weight but not too light to swing.
XXIO is a brand of SRI (Sumitomo Rubber Incorporated) which owns the Srixon brand and Cleveland Golf.
XXIO8 will be making its way to the United States next year!
With the stock setup, I will recommend to mid to low swing speed players looking for more distance.
Especially recommended for ladies and seniors!
If interested, send us an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com


Chris Kirk wins with Tour Edge CB Pro in his bag! $499 fairway wood!

Here is what he had in his bag:

DRIVER: Callaway FT Optiforce (9.5 degree) with a Mitsubishi Diamana Plus White 62X shaft
FAIRWAY WOOD: Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro (13.5 degree) with a Mitsubishi Diamana 'ahina 80X shaft
HYBRID: Ping Anser (17 degree) with a Mitsubishi Diamana Plus White 92X shaft
IRONS: Callaway RAZR X Muscleback (3-9) with True Temper Tour Issue shafts
WEDGES: Callaway Mack Daddy 2 (47, 54, 58 degree) with True Temper Tour Issue shafts
PUTTER: Odyssey Tour Milled #1
BALL: Titleist Pro V1x

Tour Edge CB Pro fairway wood

available for order at fairwaygolfusa.com

Reach those long par 5's in 2!



Titleist 714 AP1, AP2, CB, MB now on shop floor! fairwaygolfusa.com pre-order report!

Today is the day NEW Titleist 714 irons officially hit the floor!
Titleist product players are pretty loyal to the brand and today is the special day.
Thanks to those who pre-ordered the products.  Boxes of irons are coming through our warehouse and our warehouse is working hard to deliver the new irons as fast as they can.
About 85% of all preorders placed at fairwaygolfusa.com were custom orders!!
It just proves there are many smart golfers out their who knows about equipment.  (Our club expert also helped many out too....)
Having the proper specification or setup to maximize your performance is key to scoring better.
Irons are the scoring clubs.  You need pin point accuracy.  You need to dial in to make sure that your intentions are executed by the golf equipment to place the ball where you want it to go.
Below is a list of popular models and shafts ordered during the pre-order stage.  It is not a list of what you should be playing but gives you an idea as to what people are liking:
By Model:
*AP2 52%
*MB 25%
*CB 12%
*AP1 11%
By Shaft:
*Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 14%
*KBS Tour 12%
*Dynamic Gold 12%
*Modus3 Tour 120 11%
*KBS C-Taper 9%
*Project X Steel 7%
*Aerotech Steelfiber i95 6%
*Modus3 Tour 130 3%
*Project X Pxi 3%
*NS 105T 3%
*True Temper XP 95 3%
other shafts:
*KBS Tour Black Nickel
*Mitsubishi Kurokage 65
*Tour AD 65i
*Dynalite Gold XP
*Dynamic Gold Sensicore
*Dynamic Gold SL
*NS Pro 950GH
*NS Pro 970
*VS Proto-T 75
*VS Proto-T 85
There were many with custom lie angles, length, grip which we can accommodate.
We can also take requests for Iomic Grips and No1 Grips too!
If you have any questions choosing the right setup for you new Titleist 714 irons, send us an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com
Enjoy the new clubs!



Couples Closes Out 2013 Champions Tour Season with Charles Schwab Cup Championship Victory

Couples Closes Out 2013 Champions Tour Season with Charles Schwab Cup Championship Victory

Bridgestone J40 Dual Cavity Back irons w/ Steelfiber composite shaft
Bridgestone Tour B330 golf balls

At age 54, driving distance ranked #1 on the Champions Tour at 301.8 yards!

Go Freddie!


Aerotech Steel Fiber used by Fred Couples!

We can see that Aerotech Steelfiber shaft usage is on the rise even with our custom build department.
Fred Couples won the Charles Schwab Cup (Champions Tour equivalent of the Tour Championship on the PGA Tour) with a 6 stroke victory!
Aerotech Steelfiber shafts are great combination of Steel (control) and Graphite (power)
We can see many golfers ordering the Miura, EPON, Bridgestone with the Aerotech Steelfiber shaft!
Once you swing it, you get hooked on it!
If you have any questions regarding which Steelfiber shaft fits your game, just send us an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com
Steelfiber by the numbers:
  • #1 composite iron shaft on the PGA Tour
  • 5 wins on the regular season
  • #2,3,6,12 FedEx Cup ranked players used Aerotech shafts
  • #1 composite iron shaft on the Champions Tour

Speed Golf

This is what I want to try:

Speed Golf

Carry 5 to 6 clubs,
Run between shots,
Keep the flagstick in when putting,
Add your score and time to finish 18 holes
Current World record is:
Christopher Smith
5 under par (65)
in 44 minutes 06 seconds
someday, I will try


Vokey Cold Forged Wedge in Japan

As with many of the American golf companies, Japan gets their own original models. In Japan, Titleist sells Vokey Cold Forged Wedges.
This is the 2nd Japanese market specific model of Vokey Wedges.
Bob Vokey gathered input from Japanese Tour players and came up with the Cold Forged wedges.  The lineup features various grinds and smaller head size.
Sole grinds:
  • F Sole
  • R Sole
  • S Sole
  • K Sole
Would love to see these models in the US.
Looks like they are selling the wedges for about $200 in Japan.



True Temper announces the XP steel shaft for more distance.

True Temper finally officially announced the XP 95 and XP 105
Designed to promote higher trajectory with less dispersion and with medium spin.
Few golf equipment manufacturers already has them as the stock shaft.
Lighter weight steel shaft which is becoming more and more populare with the average golfer market.
Choose 95 for slow to medium tempo and choose 105 version for quicker tempo.
How about these with your next EPON or Miura irons?

Yamaha inpres RMX 2014 models!

2014 Yamaha Inpres RMX golf products are coming!
Here are some product videos:
As you can see, product introduction is a big event for Japanese golf manufacturers.  Media and buyers are invited, Tour Players show up, president of the company makes formal introduction.
In any case, the new Yamaha RMX inpres products look impressive!

30 seconds commercial:

"Make your driver to go beyond your abilities"

It is an adjustable driver.

The irons look sharp too!

Yamaha RMX Tourmodel CB

Yamaha RMX Tourmodel MB


US should see it next year!

If you are interested, let us know!

fairwaygolfusa.com customer support: