Titleist 714 AP2 Iron: What shaft for me?

It has been 2 years since the 712 irons were introduced.
Every 2 years, Titleist comes out with the next generation performance irons to please the avid golfers.
The new Titleist iron series is the 714 series:  AP1, AP2, MB, CB
AP1:  Game enjoyment irons
AP2:  Secret weapon
CB:  Feel and Control irons
MB:  Ball control irons
My personal favorite is the 714 AP2 irons.
My game is needs more forgiveness.  But I am use to playing a smaller blade length.  I feel comfortable looking down at a knife instead of a shovel.
I like the 714 AP2 because:
  • blade length is not too long
  • helps me keep the ball in play without losing distance or direction on slight toe and heel shots
  • cambered leading edge and sole (one of my most important factor when selecting an iron)
The most important thing is the shaft selection:
What shaft is going to suite my game?
The list on the right is the Titleist custom shaft selection for irons.
There are 3 shafts that stands out that can be great options for my swing:
Aerotech Steelfiber i110cw - I love the way that these new hybrid shafts feel!  UST Recoil feels pretty good too!  Just like the way they swing and feel.  Stability with the weight and bend profile is truely what I am looking for.  I might select a i95 for even lighter easy to swing just because my wood shaft weights are going lighter too!
Nippon Shaft Modus3 120 - When you think of Nippon shafts, it is about quality.  You can definitely be sure that each shaft is made to the proper specs with precision accuracy and the chroming is done perfectly.  Another Japan biased preference but Modus3 shafts add the stability to the NS PRO shaft.  More and more tour players are using the Modus3 shafts.
KBS C-Taper Shaft - I don't have a quick tempo but definitely is a shaft concept that I like.  Maybe the KBS Tour should be my choice since I probably need a mid trajectory.  Can't wait for Titleist to add the KBS Tour-V shaft (just introduced!) as a custom option!
Above shafts have been very popular among our JDM (EPON, Miura) orders and those JDMers know the quality and performance to maximize performance.
I probably should install an Iomic gripo too!
These days iron lofts are getting stronger and stronger.  But it's not just for distance.  With the modern design of under cut channels and deep and low center of gravity, combined with today's ball technology, you need to adjust the loft so that the ball flies at a good trajectory.
Launch higher, flatter on top, steeper angle of landing for predictable ball distance.
You don't want ball flight on the irons to bounce, roll, run, or spin back.  You want it to stop on a dime!
After you you have chosen the right head, shaft and grip of your next new irons, don't forget to dial in on the details!
Length and lie angle.
Proper length will enable to setup to the ball with the right posture.  Good posture will help you swing the club much easier!  Haven't you seen guys where they go up and down during their back swing and down swing?  They might benefit from a slightly longer shaft.
Even 1/4 inch does make a difference.  Posture comes before mechanics.
Also, you are never going to make use of the sweet spot unless you have the proper lie angle.
Proper lie angle can only be determined by looking at impact with the use of lie tape (or magic marker if you don't have lie tape).
You cannot see if the lie angle is right or wrong just by looking at setup.  I have seen many with improper lie angle (way off) and the ball has never seen the sweet spot.
Looking at the concentration of ball marks on the face of the club (especially in the short irons) will give you indication whether you need a lie angle modification.  If you see your marks concentrated on the toe of the iron face, maybe you need to make it more upright.  If you see your marks on the heel side of the face, you might need to make it flatter.
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